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Blind Evelyn Deaf Tyler points at just about anything that flies - birds, butterflies … even an occasional snowflake.
Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary Summer 2006 Newsletter
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Mission: Rescue and shelter disabled animals
Year Founded: 2000
Animals In Our Care: 70-80
Our First Arrival: Lena the blind mare in October 2000
Sanctuary Property: 160 acres in Montana’s Blackfoot River Valley

What Your Donations Support

Our Disabled Animals

33 dogs (17 are blind, others have various physical or medical disabilities)
27 horses (20 are blind, others are elderly or have other disabilities)
13 cats (3 are blind, others have medical disabilities or are elderly)

Note: Not all animals are posted on the Web site.

Operating Expenses

Total animal care expenses in 2005: $233,861
Cost of new animal care buildings and fencing built in 2005: $101,085

Veterinary Care

2005: $33,840


2005: $32,686
Hay purchased in 2005: 100 tons @ $95/ton ($9,500)

Animal Housing


Keisha’s Cottage (10’ x 20’)
Birdie’s Cottage (10’ x 20’)
Kelly’s Cottage (10’ x 20’)
Widget’s House (32’ x 32’)


Hoedad’s House (15’ x 20’)

Blind Horses

Scout’s Barn (40’ x 36’)
Beauty’s Barn (48’ x 36’
Lena’s Barn (48’ x 36’)
Shasta’s Shed (16’ x 16’)

Sighted Horses

The Big Shed (48’ x 16’)

The sanctuary is entirely supported by private contributions from compassionate individuals. All donations to the sanctuary are tax-deductible.

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