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Deaf Tyler When blind Emmy Lou’s not romping across the yard, she’s rolling on her back in the grass.
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Babe the blind dog

A staff member at the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service emailed us about an older, blind German Shepherd named Babe who had just arrived at the shelter.

In her email she wrote, the “owner dropped off her 10 year-old German Shepherd with eyes that look like they are ulcerated, definitely white and ookey. She is a big girl, mostly black and a very nice dog from what I have seen. She spends most of her time lying down in the kennel but needs help finding her way outside through the doggie door. When she was brought in she didn't like the leash but followed right along when you placed your hand under her chin and guided her.”

The shelter had run adoption ads in the local papers featuring Babe, but no one called. As an adoption prospect, Babe had too many strikes against her: She was blind, elderly, and big. Well, being old and blind made her a perfect candidate for us!

We had just lost 18 year-old Keisha, which opened a spot for another dog. We said ‘yes.’

A few days later Steve climbed in the truck and drove to Spokane up this Babe. He was greeted by a big-eared blind girl who likes to kiss. The first thing she did was lick Steve in the face. That sealed the deal.

When Steve and Babe left Spokane, it was sunny and 40 degrees. When they arrived back at the ranch in Montana, it was dark and 5 below zero. We weren’t sure what Babe would think of a Montana winter, but we had no need to worry. It turned out Babe LOVES to roll in the snow, and she also likes to push her nose through it like a snowplow.

Today she has settled in well to the routine at the sanctuary, where she is right at home with all the other blind dogs.

Read the Spokesman-Review’s news story about Babe here.

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