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Deaf Tyler When blind Emmy Lou’s not romping across the yard, she’s rolling on her back in the grass.
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We have a special soft spot for blind horses. These wonderful animals rarely get a second chance. There are so many myths and misconceptions about blind horses — people think they’re either dangerous, or can’t have a good quality of life, or think the “only humane thing” to do is to euthanize them.

All of those myths are wrong. Dead wrong. The truth is that blind horses can have a great quality of life. We have 25 blind horses at the sanctuary — from energetic foals to slow-moving seniors — and every one of them enjoys life to the fullest.

We created a companion Web site,, to share what we’ve learned about caring for blind horses and to challenge the myths about these special animals.

The blind horses at the sanctuary come from around the nation ... South Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Utah, Washington and Idaho, for instance ... and of course from across Montana. Not all of them are posted on the site, but you can read about many of them here.

Although we focus on blind horses, we have taken in others with special needs. You’ll see Copper Kid, who has Wobbler syndrome. And then there’s Rooster, who has a severe swayback condition.

No matter what their physical or medical condition, the sanctuary’s horses (and one mule) get to graze on pastures during the spring, summer and fall. In winter, we bring them into corrals so they can have shelter in the ranch’s several barns and run-in sheds. But in all four seasons, these animals get to enjoy a wonderful life.

New Arrivals

Spirit the paralyzed dog

Emmy Lou the blind dog

Ito the wobbly dog

Luna the blind mare

Cinder the blind cat

Brynn the blind foal
Cactus Jack the blind horse
Hannah the blind horse
Laddie the blind horse
Beaver and Rooster the Belgian draft horses
Madison and Bridger the blind horses
Honey the blind mare
Destiny the blind foal
Chance the blind horse

Kiowa the blind horse

Nikki the blind foal 
Scout the blind horse
Rocky and Hawk the blind horses
Faith the old, blind mare
Copper Kid the wobbly horse
Blue the blind horse 
Tonto the blind horse 
Marie the blind mare 
Lena the blind Quarter Horse
Shasta the blind Appaloosa


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