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Deaf Tyler Deaf Tyler points at just about anything that flies - birds, butterflies … even an occasional snowflake.
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Rocky and Hawk the blind horses

These two blind pals came to us from a Missouri animal rescue group that was closing its doors. They had managed to find homes for their other animals but not for Rocky and Hawk.

There’s a reason they are pictured together here – because they’re always together. We have never seen two animals more closely bonded together than these two blind horses. They eat together, snooze together, and play together.

It turns out that earlier in their lives, they had been together on a farm where they had first befriended each other. Then they were sold off to different people and went their separate ways.

By a twist of fate, a year or two later both ended up at the same Missouri rescue group. Hawk was already there. When Rocky arrived, Hawk somehow knew – by smell or sound – that his old buddy had miraculously shown up, and he made a beeline for his pal. The ladies who ran this rescue group watched in amazement as the two blind horses greeted each other as long lost friends.

So when the rescue group had to shut down, the ladies were heartsick over these two blind horses. Not only could they not find anyone to take a blind horse, they wanted to place the two pals together. They finally e-mailed us, and we agreed to give them a place at the ranch.

When they arrived here a few days after Christmas 2004, they both had eye infections. Rocky, the leopard Appaloosa, responded well to his medication and the infection cleared up. Hawk’s infection did not clear up, and repeated treatments did not cure the painful condition.

Both were also long overdue for dental work. In Hawk’s case a tooth was jutting out sideways in his mouth and had gouged a hole in his inner cheek.

So Hawk went in for surgery to remove the infected eye and the tooth. Fully recovered, Hawk was glad to come back to the sanctuary and join his friend Rocky again.

Despite ... or maybe because ... they’re both geldings, their favorite game is to act like stallions. They’ll rear up on their hind legs, reach over to nip each other on the neck, front hooves slashing through the air. It looks fierce, although it’s pure play for these two buddies.

Now, because they’re blind, this “stallion-game” can appear a bit uncoordinated, until one misjudges the distance and accidentally strikes the other one with a hoof. Ouch! Then they’ll shake it off and the game begins again.

Rocky can see shapes and shadows still, while Hawk can’t see a thing. So Rocky leads the way for Hawk, although Hawk doesn’t know Rocky can’t really see either. In other words, this really is a case of “the blind leading the blind.” And it seems to work for them!


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